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Ripples for reflection make waves - 2023 Impact report!

With every year that passes, our gratitude expands exponentially — the more our community of glow-getters grows, the more we are able to create, enhance and expand our mission at Herbal Skin Solutions, The Esthetics Academy as well as our collective impact initiatives. 

As we round the corner on 2024, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we were able to accomplish together this year (yes, you made this all possible with your patronage — THIS is proof that when you shop small, you make big impact)

Enriched Support 🤝 


We introduced and revamped our Retail Partner Perks as well as significantly reduced our price of samples and for our wholesale clients who order in bulk (10 or more of each product) as well as crafted popular product bundles for wholesale customers to be rewarded even more so for their commitment. We also started offering text support because we know you pro glow getters are busy! (Send us a text at 727-353-1444 for support) as well as direct messaging on our website. You can also seek resources in the Herbal Skin Solutions Facebook support group for product-related conversations.


Formula Upgrades 👩🏻‍🔬 


Formula enhancements were made to our our Blue Moon Overnight Sleeping Mask, pH Balance Toner, Squalane, Hydrating Mist, Sun & Moon, and Neroli Nirvana Oil — learn more about all our product formulations via our free Product Knowledge Portal! 


Education Elevation  💻 


We launched Dermaplaning + Nano-Peel Training, upgrades throughout our free Product Knowledge Training (for example, listing links to each ingredient that is cross referenced in other products & where you can find it for transparency). We also had the honor of teaching live in front of audiences of glow-getters from all over the country at industry trade icon LNE & Premiere shows in Philly, Dallas, Miami and Orlando. 


The Press Made a Splash 🗞️💦 


From the September issue of Vogue to the Men of the Year Issue of GQ, plus mentions in our leading industry publishers, LNE and Dermascope, we were honored to grace the pages of these notable publications. Check out all our mentions on our “In the Press” page! 

At Herbal Skin Solutions, every product purchased leads to 
positive global impact, and in 2023, we went well above our minimum requirement of 1% of total sales donations to support the causes that we believe in and were so needed this year. 


Together, we helped initiate change such as:

  • Through our contributions to Ocean Blue Project your product purchases this year helped remove 8,300 pounds of plastic and debris for a partnership lifetime total of over 19,000 pounds!


  • We made the switch from supporting Carbon Fund (since they are no longer a non-profit) and instead made the switch to supporting nonprofit partner “Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty”, which allowed us to offset an additional 66.67 metric tonnes of carbon with COTAP. 


  • Through monetary and in-kind donations, we gave $5,000 worth of support to local retailers affected by the catastrophic Maui fires as well as financial support to the Maui food bank, Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement & Conservation Council for Hawaii.


  • We grew and expanded our support to The Planet Impact Fund, which contains a network of causes we now can help support including Amazon Frontlines, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), Groundswell International, Indigenous Environmental Network, Solar Sister, & Urban Ocean Lab. 


While we’re proud of this impact and it’s increase this year, we also want to be sure to do our due diligence, and if we want to see these ripple effects turn into major waves of change, we want to encourage you to put pressure on all brands you work with or shop from to uphold carbon neutrality in their businesses.


You vote with your dollars, and it’s critical to us that you know where your dollars are going when you shop with Herbal Skin Solutions, but the reality is, it needs to be effort from all, not only from a few if we’re going to make a difference collectively for the future. The majority of pro beauty brands need to step up to this call to action and we kindly ask that you help lead the charge in making those requests heard. 📣 


If there’s any holiday gift you could get us this year, let it be that. 😉🎁


Now, as we sign-off to snuggle up and enjoy the slow end of the year, we want to wish you a very merry everything and the happiest of new years. ✨ 


See you in 2024! 

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