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Summer Safe Protocols

Even though the summer solstice was only a couple of weeks ago, this summer is already a scorcher, which has many of the members of our CIT Pen Provider community asking…

“What can I do to ensure positive results for my clients when they’re eager to have fun in the sun?!”

First things first, post-treatment client cooperation is vital, and it’s up to both you and your client to set a foundation for optimal results, especially for treatments that require extra mindfulness such as peels or micro-needling to avoid risks of Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). 

However, with due diligence and some extra TLC from both the practitioner and the client, there are several measures we can take to ensure great results for your clients this summer:

1) Give Clear-Cut Directions 

Post needling, I always give clients a clear-cut no-no list of what to avoid until their redness has dissipated (typically 24-48 hours post-treatment). 

At the top of the no-no list?

Direct sun exposure and heat, as it can lead to PIH. And yes, that means, no getting hot and bothered via hot yoga, hot sex, working out, steam room, or quarreling. Anything that could raise your internal core temperature is off limits. 

Tell your clients their orders are to be cool and calm, literally. 

Also, consider carrying sun visors in your spa for a fashionable way to protect against post-needling sun exposure (and who are we kidding, we wear them constantly, even if we didn’t just have a treatment)! 

{ In fact, if you head to Herbal Skin Solutions, you can get a complimentary solar shield visor in your next order. Just pick out your favorite color visor, add it to your cart and key in the discount code "SUMMER" to receive the gift while supplies last! } 

2) Mind the Moisture 

The summer sun is notorious for sucking the moisture out of your skin, so we recommend using products with ingredients that hold 1000 times its weight in water and Hyaluronic Acid (HA). 

Then, pair that HA with the lighteners, brighteners, and tighteners found in the Vitamin C + Enhancement Serum, and you have the holy grail for preventing and reversing sun damage while keeping skin dewy and supple! 

Who else is dreaming of diving into an entire pool of it?! 

And once you have your go-to summer serum, you can take it to the next level by infusing it into the skin for ultimate absorption with the help of every esthetician’s favorite tool, the versatile CIT Pen, which is capable of both nano and micro-needling. 

3) Keep Your BFF, SPF Close By

Next, don’t even think twice about sending your clients out your doors without your BFF, SPF (even if it looks like a quick trip in and out of your car – the sun can and will still damage your skin if unprotected...yet another reason we love having visors available). 

You need to lock in that holy grail Vitamin C+ serum anyways, so it might as well be with a 2-in-1 moisturizer and SPF for a flawless finish. 

For an added bonus, we love mixing in a small drop of Neroli Repair Oil for a fresh, dewy look that also smells divine!

4) Look to Highlighting a Summertime Special 

Speaking of Neroli and SPF, consider highlighting oil-planing for a Summertime special that can aid in boosting your esthetic practice’s service and product profits.

Since most clients tend to be more reactive to Dermaplaning on dry skin, especially with the summer sun drying everyone out, oil-planing helps to counteract the drying effect, and instead replenishes the skin’s moisture levels by applying a few drops (a little bit goes a long way) of Neroli before removing the dead, keratinized skin and peach fuzz. 

For the ultimate glow-up, immediately after dermplaning, finish with the Herbal Sheet Mask that contains an herbal infusion of CBD, rosemary, and botanicals, which feeds the skin with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. 

Then, for an additional upgrade, add red, blue, or both types of LED therapy (choose the pulsing setting for both) with the Celluma Pro, which aids in stimulating collagen production, quelling inflammation and keeps acne-causing bacteria at bay. 

Finally, apply the daily tinted moisturizer with SPF, which will apply like butter after removing the dead cells hiding in face fuzzies! 

5) Be On Burn Defense 

Has anyone else had clients come into their facial appointments burnt to a crisp? 

*Cue the cringe.*

With sensitized skin, they certainly would not be a candidate for needling, peels, dermaplaning or anything else that requires healing; however we can provide sunburn relief! 

Our go-to solutions are the Herbal Sheet Mask, which can be put in the fridge for a cooling effect, or you can use cryo globes or a cooled jade roller over the top of the mask, and using the Celluma PRO red LED light, which is incredibly healing for sunburns. 

And for burnt or vacationing clients, Zensa healing cream for face and body is a must! 

The main ingredient, Calendula, which can also be found in the B5 Hydrating Cleanser and Neroli Repair Oil, provides immediate relief while locking in moisture. 

The Ultimate Summer Sunshine Treatment Protocol:

* If the client is sunburnt, do not perform enzymes, oil-planing, or use the skin scrubber.

Step 1: Pre-cleanse the skin with Neroli Repair Oil 

Step 2: Cleanse the skin with B5 Hydrating Cleanser

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Regenzyme (botanical blend touting honeysuckle, neem, lactic, and many more luscious ingredients in the deck). 

  • Alternative option to steam over enzyme -

Step 5: Apply 2-4 drops of Neroli Repair Oil

Step 6: Dermaplane 

Step 7: Apply Herbal Sheet Mask – option to roll cold rollers or cryo globes over the mask. Remove mask as soon as it begins to dry or after 20 minutes. 

Step 8: Use the Nano-Infusion cartridges (silicone or surgical steel) and CIT Pen to infuse the remainder of serum (there is a surplus of serum in the mask packaging)  into the skin. 

Step 9: Choose blue LED for acne prone skin or red LED for age-management on the Celluma Pro. Maneuver the LED panel as close to the face as possible without it touching the skin. Leave on for 30 minutes.

Step 9: Apply daily tinted moisturizer

Step 10: Show the client how to wear sun shield visor (it can be flipped all the way up and worn like a visor or pulled all the way down to cover the entire face) and review post-care instructions. 

Final step: Thank client and reschedule them in 2-4 weeks depending on skin goals.

    Now it’s time to get glowing, glow-getter! If you perform this summertime protocol, be sure to tag us at @estyacademy so we can spread the love and share your work!

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