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The Dirty Truth Behind Dermal Rollers and How They Compare to Professional Treatments

Acneic breakouts, infections, scarring, and damaged skin are all reasons to seek treatment from a licensed skin care professional. Ironically, these can also be the results of using an at-home dermal roller, which has gained increasing popularity over the last few years.

This at-home treatment craze can be credited the frenzy of MLM companies, for example, Rodan + Fields, who leverage the larger population of non-professionals to advise on the daily use of the rollers to the general public.

Not only is this an unsafe and unsanitary practice, but it's also unwise. Your skin is your largest organ, and in this day in age where first impressions are vital, and everyone desires to put their best face forward, why risk causing serious damage to your skin by taking advice from someone who is merely “YouTube trained”?

As a Licensed Esthetician (LE), we spend months, years, and a significant investment on gaining accredited education. Furthermore, as the beauty industry and modern medicine grow, so do LE’s level of expertise as we are always learning to give our clients the most innovative and beneficial treatment options. All the while ensuring their safety and happiness with their results.

That being said, those are the prime reasons why us germaphobe LE’s are anti-dermal roller.

Yes, you read that right, “germaphobe.”  Any reputable LE is hyper-concerned and aware about sanitation regulations and expectations, which is one of our top reasons as to why dermal rollers are on the DIRTY list of skin care no no’s!

Here are some other reasons why you’ll want to consider going the micro needling route over the roller:  

1) Professional treatments utilize single use cartridges to prevent cross contamination.

Conversely, dermal rollers are used more than once and up your risk of cross-contamination.

Yes, you can clean your roller after each use, but that does not make it more sanitary, not in the slightest, because no matter how well you think you are sanitizing your roller, the skin proteins never fully detach.

If you’re still skeptical, request a hands-on experiment with your LE! Roll the skin (with a clean, unused roller), dip the roller in Cavicide or another state health department-approved disinfectant, let it dry out & place under a UV light such as a skin scope (typically used for advanced skin analysis).

Then, turn off the lights and see all of the glowing particles that were unable to detach after disinfection. Those are skin proteins, and this experiment proves that living, growing bacteria can easily be transferred to their skin with one flick of the roller.

That fact alone should be enough to make you want to toss your roller in the receptacle!

When you invest in treatment by a professional utilizing the CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) Pen, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting treated with a device that uses cartridges with silicone locks to prevent back flow and is guarded with protective sleeves to prevent cross-contamination.

2) Trained professionals will have the knowledge and expertise to map out the custom treatment plan specific to your skin’s needs.

Bob Marley may have said it best when it comes to women, but it surprisingly relates quite well to CIT (I promise this ties together!):

“If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you're not worthy.”

If you’re looking for all of the amazing, life-changing results that micro needling can give you,  it is not going to be easy, but with the right professional using the right tools, it is absolutely worth it.

For optimal results, the treatment requires proper pre- and post- care and a full consultation to go over your medical history to make sure that you are a good candidate for this treatment.

If you’re not a candidate for treatment due to medical history, there can be more harm than good done to the skin, but that’s only guidance you would receive from a licensed esthetician.

3) A professional will keep you committed to your results.

Micro needling is truly a science, and it’s one qualified LEs train extensively to be able to perform, so they’ll be able to best advise you on your unique treatment plan.

For example, if you do this treatment too frequently, it can break down the collagen fibers, which contributes to the appearance of translucent skin and possible scarring.

And if the controlled injury (this is what we call the result during the process of micro needling) isn't done frequently enough, collagen will not build quickly enough to give the desired results. (You can see more of those results on the Herbal Skin Solutions Instagram feed.)

By committing to a series of treatments at a frequency suggested by your LE, you’ll be able to build collagen at a rapid rate, which provides you with the wow-factor results.

See, just like Mr. Marley said, “if she’s worth it, you won’t give up”...ideal skin requires a commitment and persistence, not a miracle!

4) CIT requires control, something you can’t achieve with a roller.

Rollers are set at one depth meaning they’re not able to interchange depths and speed for specific areas of the skin.

This isn’t ideal as all areas on your face and body need to be treated at a variety of depths dependent your skin goals. Plus, rollers tend to jab the skin and go into the dermis on an angle creating a tearing wound, which can lead to prolonged healing and potential scarring. Talk about scary!

As you can see, the risk you take with rollers simply isn’t worth it. A professional with the proper training and the right tools, like the CIT Pen, is the best route.

Here are a couple of additional benefits of the CIT Pen:

  1. All of the reasons above – hygiene, safety, results.

  1. Our device is nickel free to make every treatment comfortable, even for those with sensitive skin!

  1. We stand behind all of our professionals listed on the Herbal Skin Solutions provider map. We have sold many more devices than the ones listed on the map; however, we only refer to the providers that have done the proper home study and one-on-one training.

So, will you put your best face forward? Head to our provider map to find a CIT Pen Professional nearest you.

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  • Charlene Webster on

    I’m interested in your CIT PEN and local training. Mandy Holland in Broad Ripple, IN refereed you. I am an independent licensed esthetician in Westfield, IN.

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