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Inside scoop on the beauty event of the century, The Skin Games!

If you’ve been a reader of our blog, or student of one of our courses, you know that beyond continuing education, our primary goal is to elevate the industry by helping estheticians refine and deepen their expertise.

And with that mission in mind, we’re always on the hunt for finding new platforms and communities to link arms with, and when we learned about The Skin Games, we were immediately head over heels!

Founded in 2015, The Skin Games is a professional platform for licensed skincare providers to showcase their work, win accolades, and participate in a trade show that incorporates fun, networking and real life-changing connections.

As a sponsor of next year’s Games, we wanted to give you the inside scoop on the beauty event of the century, so we sat down with Jennifer Rosenblum, Founder and Executive Director of The Skin Games, to hear her story, learn what to expect, and why you should enter straight from the source!

There’s a story behind every product line, platform and trade show, and we’d love to know yours! How did you get started in the industry as a licensed esthetician and what was the spark for your bright idea for The Skin Games?

I graduated from college with a B/A in Design and Industry with a minor in Graphic Arts.  I then went back for an AA in nursing. The nursing didn't work out, and I then dabbled as a makeup artist for the stage.  I decided that if I was going to continue makeup I wanted to have a license, so I decided to get an esthetics license and I found that I loved the skin industry.

After graduating esthetics school, I was an intern for a dermatologist for a short while and found that I did not want to be a medical esthetician. Then I opened my own shop and did a lot of advanced classes. I loved the trade shows! I went to a show and was asked to be a model for a demo, and I loved the treatment. It was AMAZING.

I ended up being the USA distributor for 2B Bio Beauty which is a Belgian line with a fantastic mechanical organic peel. I was off and running trying to sign up everyone I knew for this line.  It just wasn't as easy as I thought. All the trade shows were so expensive and were simply not paying off. I also tried magazines, and they weren't working either.

One day I was working a trade show, and I saw that most of the other companies were also struggling to make this effort payoff.  So, I thought about why and how I bought things and recognized if a friend or family member told me to try something they’ve achieved RESULTS with, I always go out and try that product! I also wondered, why wasn't there a contest for skincare? Why not? The Skin Games was the perfect win-win for everyone.

Estheticians would get new connections and recognition in the profession, the consumer would get professional advice and results, and the manufacturer would get great exposure and advertising. We could use the social media platforms in organic ways to connect all of it. WIN WIN WIN!

I’m sure your relationship with so many renowned companies doesn’t hurt your efforts!

I mean, you must have to sample products for quality control before you add them to attendees gift bags, right?! Do you have any go-to products that you’ve discovered through The Skin Games that you now can’t live without?

I have so many new relationships with companies and estheticians from The Skin Games because it’s been the perfect way to network and connect everyone.

Ultimately, I always use products that I believe in, and I’m loyal to all the brands that are loyal to me. I believe most estheticians buy the company first, then the product in the long run because they want a company that cares about them and supports them.

There are soooo many products that I could not live without from DMK, MAD, GlyMed, Circadia, Lira, Rejuvasea, and 2B Bio Beauty. The newest product that I cannot live without is Rejuvasea eye reviver (seriously, I will not go anywhere without it).

We all know how creative and passionate professionals in our industry are! How would you describe the vibe of the event?

Extremely high energy. Everyone truly gets to know each other and has become a tight group. People talk about it and look forward to it all year long, and so many relationships are made here. It’s really been an industry Game Changer!

I’m most excited to meet Danné Montague-King and learn more about DMK Enzyme. His fashion sense is impeccable, and from what I have heard, he is quite the character! Who do you look forward to seeing at The Skin Games every year? 

Danné is always HIGH on my list as well. We are so lucky to be able to talk and learn from our top experts like Danné, and now we have Drew running DMK. Drew is such an inspiration, and he is genuinely changing this industry with his approach to education. Danné and Drew are true Game Changers, and I don’t know what I’d do without them. The quality of professionals at this event is staggering. 

We all have someone that we look up to in this industry. You are that person for many other professionals, so we’re curious, who is your beauty icon or mentor?

I would have to say Danné M King. Anytime I need help with anything; he is there to give me the most educated and thoughtful support and advice. Also, Susanne Schmaling who is the director of The Esthetics Council and has been in the industry for many years. What other profession can you be in and have access to these ICONS?!

How do you select the judges for The Skin Games and what are their backgrounds?

We like to find experts and Game Changers in the field who are also unbiased and fair-minded experienced professionals. We work with The Esthetics Council, which is kind of like a “union" for estheticians.

Each potential judge fills out an NDA and application that goes through a verification process with The Esthetics Council. I think that you would be a perfect judge actually...

Is The Skin Games open to participants outside of the US? I can picture TSG going global. (Hint*Hint..we would love an excuse to take a business meets pleasure trip in a foreign country while sponsoring TSG!)

We are! The Skin Games has international contestants from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, UK, and Nigeria that will be participating this year. Also, I’m working with Dr. Andrey Stotnik from the Ukraine and hoping we can put something together overseas!

Does The Skin Games donate to any charitable organizations? If so, which ones and how can we all get involved?

Yes, we do! We do this through the Compassionate category.

Anyone who enters this category submits a video that tells the story of how they incorporate charitable giving into their practice and give back to the community through a nonprofit. The winner receives a check from The Skin Games to the charity or nonprofit of their choice.

Last year we gave checks to Harvey Milk Foundation, Fisher House Foundation, Planned Parenthood, American Brain Tumor Association, Team Kids, Shepherd’s Gate, and Freedom Alliance.

Speaking of the categories, you recently started a MUA category for The Skin Games. Does that or will it ever include PMU?

I am always open to suggestions. I think that PMU would be amazing. There is such a demand today.

During last year’s games, I rooted for Cheryl Miller in the Holistic category, and I’ve noticed she’s been a busy bee training her technique to other estheticians all across the country. I am actually taking her 8-hour Zen Facelift training in AZ in November!

It seems like The Skin Games helped Cheryl by providing a platform for her skills and personality to be showcased.  Was that part of your master plan in creating The Skin Games?

Absolutely. I think that too many estheticians are afraid of entering because they don’t want to lose. The cool thing about The Skin Games is that everyone's a winner because it’s the perfect launch platform for exposure and networking.

Remember that Jennifer Hudson did not even make the top 3 on American Idol, but look at her now! She won an Oscar!

Does prepping for The Skin Games keep you busy all year long or do you still practice as an LE or MUA? If so, what is your most sought after treatment by clients?

The Skin Games is a full-time job, but I still have a treatment center with three other estheticians that work with me, and I still have a client base.

My business could not survive without 2B Bio Beauty Bio-peel. I have never had a client that did not want to book a second treatment after receiving the Bio-peel treatment. It is a complete no-brainer and by far the most sought after. The results are amazing, and you can do it for every skin type, condition and color. If you are seeing someone for the first time, give them this treatment, and they are YOURS!

A little birdie told me that you hosted a wine-making ice-breaker last year for all of the sponsors last year. How fun! What are your plans for this year’s show?  

That was such an amazing ice-breaker! Everyone that attended loved it and felt that they were part of a family moving into the weekend. I think that everyone should attend the event on Thursday before the Games. There will be an event, but we’re not spilling the beans just yet. Stay tuned!

Are you able to release any top-secret information about what attendees can expect to see at The Skin Games?

All I can say is ... hold on tight because this year will be even better than the last! Lots of new entertainment and celebrities!

I love that at the end of the day, despite all our various efforts and ways we carry out business, it's clear to see we have the same ultimate goal of elevating the level of success in the industry.

Thank you again for taking the time to give us a look into your world and sharing the story of The Skin Games with us!

Thanks for taking the time to ask and listen! If we all work together, there will be no stopping us! See you at The Skin Games!

Want to learn more about how you can participate and attend The Skin Games in 2018? Head to their website to learn all about the event, how to enter, be a sponsor and more.

Are you planning to go to The Skin Games? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to meet you there!

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